Exness Web Terminal: Trading with Exness Trader

Exness broker started its journey in the financial world in 2008. Today, the Exness brand brings together a group of four companies and shows strong leadership in the financial services industry, allowing it to attract more and more clients. The main concern of Exness was to provide the high quality requirements of professional traders, as only that could guarantee success in this highly competitive business.

With its skilled approach and comfortable working environment, Exness now provides impressive statistics to prove its strategy and popularity among traders worldwide.
Exness Company
There are three Exness web trading platforms available from this broker. All of them are available for download on your desktop, laptop, iOS and Android devices. The three are MT4, MT5 and Web Terminal.

Exness Terminal is a specially designed trading platform, complete with a user-friendly interface, useful features and more than 50 drawing tools and 100 indicators.

Exness WebTerminal is distinguished by the following features of its trading services on global financial markets:
Exness Webtrader WebTerminal
  • 24-hour order execution;
  • Low spreads, enabling scalping strategies;
  • Opportunity to use expert advisors in trading platform;
  • Availability of hedging;
  • Existence of Trailing Stop;
  • Absence of slippage when executing orders;
  • Provide access to VPS hosting.

Trading platforms

MetaTrader is online Forex trading platform from MetaQuotes, the reliable worldwide publisher. MetaTrader has been running on Windows since 2005 and is considered by most traders as the best trading platform. The platform is also available in mobile versions for Android and iOS.

However, standalone applications are not everything. Many traders work on devices running Linux, Mac OS, Chrome OS and other systems that are not officially supported. MetaQuotes has developed a web-based version of MetaTrader for them. Webtrader Exness is a great version to work with.


Exness MT4 Webtrader
Metatrader 4 online used by many traders around the world, every day, to place trades. It is available at this broker, and is ideal for use by both novice and professional traders with varying levels of experience. You can be sure that it has all the features you need for a good trading experience on this platform. Get to use all the trading analysis tools it offers, along with a flexible strategy app. You can use the strategies here or the ones you have created.
The features of the web terminal MT4 online are as follows:

  • A robust user-friendly interface that works for beginners and experienced traders alike.
  • The MT4 webtrader allows your device to run at a good pace with minimal disruption.
  • Customisable platform to meet all your requirements for the development of custom advisors, which are experts, as well as technical indicators.
  • Access to various currency pairs, CFDs and cryptocurrencies.
  • Use all the advanced charting tools to analyse how the market is currently performing.
  • Improved security standards to safeguard all your information and funds.
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS for web-based platform.
  • Enables traders to run their business 24/7 worldwide.
Exness MT5 Webtrader
It's simple software that can be downloaded free to any device you own, and used to trade from anywhere, anytime.

Many experts, conclude that metatrader 5 webtrader will soon completely replace webtrader MT4 thanks to the great advances made by its developers. Use some of the fastest backtesting features that MT4 has to offer. You can test multiple pairs at the same time. The interface is similar to that of MT4, which helps you move from one to the other with ease. The number of technical analysis tools is much greater than what other platforms offer. In addition, the number of charting and timeframe options has increased.
The features of this platform are:

  • MT5 webtrader has 8 types of pending orders, which provide more precise control over all open positions.
  • Cryptocurrency trading, where it takes place as a position or intra-position swing. You can even use scalping, thanks to the new hedging feature available on this platform.
  • On Exness MT5 Web Terminal there is a clear separation of transaction conditions, positions and orders.
  • An economic calendar to keep abreast of all important events, real time indicators and data of the entire financial market.
  • Advisors are enhanced with MQL Forex, which is integrated with market product tabs.
  • You can open a new position with a simple click, simplifying the entire process.
  • Capture time frames to build over 21 charts, structure charts with 9 tools added and many more technical tools at your disposal.

MT4/MT5 Platform Comparison

Feature MT4
Buy stop, sell stop, buy limit, sell limit, take profit, stop loss
9 time frames
Account types
Standard, Cent, Pro, Zero, Raw Spread
Programming language
History tracking
Orders older 35 days are archived
Feature MT5
Buy stop, sell stop, buy limit, sell limit, take profit, stop loss, buy stop limit, sell stop limit
21 time frames
Account types
Standard, Pro, Zero, Raw Spread
Programming language
History tracking
Orders are not archived


Exness WebTerminal
The easiest way to start trading is using the MT4 on Web Terminal or MT5 WebTerminal. There is a browser-based terminal that does not require installation and is accessible through your favorite browser. WebTerminal supports the main trading functions available in the desktop version, and is the ideal choice for those who just started trading forex.
The web version of MetaQuotes' popular MT4/MT5 trading platform is now available directly from the Exness website. WebTerminal, the web-based platform from MetaQuotes, has all the main features needed for efficient trading and works in all browsers and operating systems.
Metatrader 4 web terminal is a fast version created by the same people to create MT4 using HTML5. It uses the latest encryption systems to protect all information. You get the best services from it, including real-time quotes, price charts that you customize and analytical objects that fit the basic specifications.

How to get access to WebTerminal?

The time it takes to install this software on your device is best spent on trading, because all you have to do is access this Exness mt4 web terminal once you have registered a trading account. It has an easy to use and straightforward, familiar interface.

How to configure WebTerminal?

Before you start trading, take a look at three windows in your Web Terminal Exness:
Market Overview - here you can see the available trading instruments, their prices and spreads in real time.
The Chart window displays a chart for the selected trading instrument.
The Toolbox has three tabs: Trade where you can see the current open orders, History where you can see the closed orders and the balance operations and Log where you can find information on the terminal.
You will also, by default, be able to see the 20 most popular trading instruments for your account type.

To add more instruments:
Right click anywhere in the window and select "Symbols" .
Then, choose the Symbols group and double click on the instrument you wish to add to the "Market Watch" window. When the grey $ sign turns gold, the selected instrument will be added to the Market Watch.

Opening a deal

Right click on the chart, then click "Trade" → Select "New Order". Or double-click the currency in which you want to place the order. The order window will appear. Tick the symbol for the currency you wish to trade. Volume: you have to select the size of your contract, you can click on the arrow and select the volume from the drop down list. Click down or left click on the volume field and enter the requested value. Remember that the size of your contract directly affects your possible profit or loss.
Opening a deal_Exness
Buy or Sell button_Exness
Finally, you need to decide what type of order you want to place. You can choose between a sell order and a buy order.

  • A sell order opens at the bid price and closes at the ask price. In this order type, your trade can make a profit if the price declines.
  • Buy on the market open at the ask price and close at the bid price, in this order type your trade can make a profit. The price goes up.
As soon as you hit the Buy or Sell button, your order will be processed immediately.
Finally, you need to decide what type of order you want to place. You can choose between a sell order and a buy order.

  • A sell order opens at the bid price and closes at the ask price. In this order type, your trade can make a profit if the price declines.
  • Buy on the market open at the ask price and close at the bid price, in this order type your trade can make a profit. The price goes up.
As soon as you hit the Buy or Sell button, your order will be processed immediately.
Buy or Sell button_Exness

Pending orders

In contrast to instant executions, in which a trade is placed at the current market price, there are pending orders which allow you to place orders that open when the price reaches the relevant level you have chosen. There are 2 main types available:

  • Orders waiting for a certain market level to be breached
  • Orders waiting for a return from a certain market level
Pending orders_Exness
You can open a new pending order simply by double-clicking the market name in the Market Watch module. Once you do this, a new order window will open and you can change the order type to "Pending Order".

Changing orders

Changing orders_Exness

If you want to change some of the settings of the open order, right click the open order and choose "Modify".
If you want to change some of the settings of the open order, right click the open order and choose "Modify".
Changing orders_Exness

Closing orders

To close an open position, press "x" on the "Trade" tab of the terminal window. Or right click on the order lines in the chart and select "close". If you only want to close part of the position, right-click on the open order and select "Modify". Then select Instant Execution in the Type box and choose which part of the position you want to close.
Closing orders_Exness

Main features of WebTerminal

WebTerminal MT4 was designed by professionals who worked on MT4, making it a reliable, fast and easy to use web platform. All information and data are encrypted during transmission.

For your convenience, there are plenty of different methods to deposit money, and besides, the company provides a unique service for today - automatic withdrawal of funds within several seconds to the most types of electronic payment systems. The Exness official website operates in various languages (over two dozen), not allowing the language barrier to become an obstacle for receiving highly professional financial services.

Customer support deserves a special mention - it is available 24/7 in three popular languages, including English and Chinese, expanding to 13 languages during business hours!
Exness Market analyses
When it comes to keeping your data up to date. Market analyses are provided by a world-renowned financial advisor, who provides traders with technical analysis as well as the latest world news, allowing you to make the most of the fundamental analysis in Web Terminal.

WebTerminal Exness also provides the trader with the latest world news. In general, if you look at reviews, opinions and comments about Exness analytics, you'll see that the company's policy is aimed at providing each client with as much information as possible in order to make a decision. However, Exness does not provide any specific signals, allowing traders to interpret important incoming data on their own.

How to get started?

Registering for an Exness account is really quick and easy and can be done in a few minutes from your homepage. By default, a live trading account and a demo trading account (both for MT5) are created in your new private area; however it is possible to open new trading accounts.

To register with Exness Web Terminal, you must open an account. You will be presented with a registration form, where you must enter your name, email address and the other parameters requested by the system. Please read the user agreement and the risk warning before you register.

To log into WebTerminal:

  • Select MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, depending on which platform you have registered your account on.
  • Enter your account number as login, your trading password as password and select the server where your account was registered. All this information was sent to you by email, so make sure you read it. Click OK to log in.


How to trade on an Exness WebTerminal?

Once you are going to trade via Exness WebTerminal, select between MT4 and MT5 first. Then log in to the chosen MetaTrader account entering registration details and you will be readdressed to the trading terminal. Now you can select a trading instrument and place your first order.

How to install Exness WebTerminal?

Exness WebTerminal does not require installation of any software. You can reach this trading platform directly from your favorite browser. All you need is to sign in to the Exness site using your registration details and launch the online trading, selecting Exness WebTerminal in the “Platforms” tab.

What are the features of Exness WebTerminal compared to MetaTrader?

This web platform comes with all core features of MetaTrader. It is equipped with all the necessary functionality a user needs for the efficient trading – charting tools, indicators, a variety of trading instruments. And the biggest benefit is that you can reach it straight from the browser.
Auto copy experienced traders, with both earning from profitable trades.